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When you hit the blunt before you go on the air…










Because black people are the best at every fucking thing


Kill yourself


Swim that ass away from my posts. Lame ass

Statistically, not a very high amount…

Gee thanks for the stats. I’m not upset. I hate haters. I want you to gtf. You mad cause I shouted out my people bitch? But since you wanna be literal. There are way more aspects of life that black ppl are superior. We powerful and hating ass ppl like you hate to see it. We made doorknobs, cup lids amd music and you come at me with swimming. Swim across a river ol bitch ass

Oh no. You have defeated me. I, in fact, AM a bitch-ass.

Calm the fuck down. Implying I’m racist and getting worked up about it. Good job.

Of course black people are better at some things, I never said they weren’t you illiterate piece of shit.

Now if you want to talk about getting offended, how dare you talk about swimming across a river without knowing anything about me. Without knowing that I am a Mexican, without knowing that being a wetback is a derogatory term. The only racist person here is you, you pathetic excuse for breath. And you know what? We Mexicans are STILL better than black people at swimming, we kind of have to if we want to get into the US.

(you see how easy it is to get offended by stupid shit?)

Damn homie I got some questions tho.

Que pasa nigga (how’s it goin)

How tf I’m illiterate and we having a conversation?

And bitch why you jumpin on my old shit?

And how tf I’m sposed to know you Mexican and you got white women on ya avi?

And you mad cause I’m black and proud?

A mexican man was the richest man in the world when I was in 10th grade. Get you some paper and get off my dick.

Call me what you want but go awaaaaaay.

0 -100 nigga real quick

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